AEM updates Crane Safety library

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ new live-action Crane Safety Video and extensively revised Crane Safety Manual provide machine operators a well-rounded look at current industry best practices, including OSHA 1926:1400 crane standard requirements.BRF-ORG-AEM-400

The video and manual reflect changes in the crane industry and related OSHA standards over the decade since AEM produced its original crane safety manual, and a predecessor animated video. The live-action format of the DVD-video and the pictorial-laden manual offer operators a convenient learning/reference program. AEM developed the crane safety video and manual together to complement and reinforce their safety messaging.

Industry experts working through AEM’s Crane Technical Committee provided content development and review. Certified trainers from the International Union of Operating Engineers demonstrated best practices for the DVD-video. The video and manual outline tips on how to a) avoid accidents and create a safe construction site; b) prepare the machine for operation and reduce repair costs; and, c) prepare the construction site for safe crane operation.

A companion to manufacturer materials, AEM safety manuals and videos are industry-consensus safety documents, affording equipment owners a convenient and cost-effective way to provide safety information to operators. All AEM safety manuals, videos, and related safety and training products are available online through the AEM Store. Additional information can be obtained from AEM’s Bobby Hoffmann, 414/298-4105; [email protected].