PCI Foundation firms up 2015 university commitments; launches professor program


The PCI Foundation serves as a not-for-profit organization to foster improvement of the quality and sustainability of the built environment. Programs work in conjunction with Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute content to create a liaison between the precast industry and education. PCIF has sponsored programs in schools of architecture, engineering and construction management since 2007. Executive Director Marty McIntyre recently announced plans for the new year.

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Lafarge joins heavyweight investors in Solidia Technologies funding round

A key player in technology-targeted venture capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) has led a third or Series C Round of funding for New Jersey-based Solidia Technologies, whose integrated cement and concrete production and curing processes lower net carbon dioxide emissions when measured against portland cement alternatives. KPCB, Bright Capital, BASF and BP have recommitted to the business in the current round, and are joined by Lafarge Group and another French entity, Total Energy Ventures; and, Sun Microsystems cofounder Bill Joy, who has served on the Solidia board as a KPCB partner.

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Charah contracts extend C618-Grade ash options for midwest producers

Coal combustion products (CCP) management specialist Charah Inc. has entered into or renewed agreements involving three Louisville Gas & Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities Co. facilities: Mill Creek Generating Station in Jefferson County, Trimble County Generating Station, and Ghent Generating Station near Carrollton, Ky. The Louisville-based operator expects to market the stations’ fly ash to ready mixed producers throughout the Midwest, providing them multiple supply options of high quality, ASTM C618 Class F product.

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Major utility looks to boost fly ash, other coal combustion product usage

Charlotte-based Duke Energy is reviewing through early next month responses to a late-2014 request for proposals on a study of ways to beneficially reuse coal ash, plus analysis of current and emerging technologies. It encouraged industry specialists, academic institutions, research organizations and those with coal ash expertise to register to participate, registering at [email protected].
“We are eager to expand the amount of ash directed to the beneficial reuse market,” says Duke Energy’s John Elnitsky, senior vice president for ash management strategy. “A full assessment of the available technologies and innovations will help us integrate solutions that are safe, practical and proven for large-scale applications.”

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MANUFACTURERS – January 2015


Besser Co. has appointed Jeff Lindberg as sales and service representative for the Northeast United States. He is promoting machine and mold parts, capital equipment, service, and training across the entire Besser product line, and joins Terry McNamee and Randy VanSickle in supporting concrete plants throughout the region.

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Center consolidates Mack customer support functions


Mack Trucks’ new 123,000 sq. ft. Uptime Center in Greensboro, N.C., co-locates personnel from every customer support function, connects them to truck owners and dealers with the latest telematics, communications, and case management tools, and makes it easy for cross-functional teams to quickly interact face-to-face when necessary to keep a vehicle on the road.

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