Truck Trax elevates quality control, status recording

The GEMS project is the newest addition to GeoTrax, an Android-based mobile fleet management system. It offers producers the option of incorporating information derived from mixer truck-mounted sensors into an overall fleet management program.At the heart of GEMS is the G-Linx communications bridge, equipped to:TT-Meter-200

  • Record automated loading, washing and pour start/stop status or event;
  • Communicate with a mixer’s electronic control module;
  • Log jobsite water and admixture additions; and, 
  • Take digital slump meter readings. 

The hardware configuration varies, depending on the desired information. The G-Linx box can be installed in the cab or under the dash. From there it connects to the truck’s systems and broadcasts information to the driver’s mobile device. Cab mounting allows communication with the mixer truck-mounted sensors.

TT-G-Linx-300The GEMS project takes the best features from the company’s legacy TruckTrax system and combines them with the updated technology of GeoTrax, extending customer choices. Producers can choose as much or as little functionality as suits their operations. GeoTrax is not a “cookie cutter” solution, product developers contend, noting that one size does not necessarily fit all. The system can be configured for a range of tasks and functional requirements, from simply locating trucks to supporting electronic ticketing and automated billing. — Truck Trax LLC, 800/626-4561; www.trucktrax.comTT-Sensors-400