High-voltage meter

TightSight clamp meters give electricians an unparalleled level of safety, convenience and performance when measuring high-voltage systems in cramped, hard-to-reach panel boards. Available in four professional-grade models in either 600 or 1000 amp capacities, the clamp meters are the first to feature the TightSight LCD. Built into the bottom of the meter, the display lets electricians view measurements at arm’s length from almost any angle in the tightest of spots.Ideal-317

Both the tester’s super-bright main display and the TightSight display have large backlit numbers and symbols that can be read from several feet away, whether the electrician is working in bright direct sunlightor in complete darkness. A hinged rubber cover protects the TightSight display from environmental damage or accidental drops while not in use. Another innovation is the the clamp’s streamlined, tapered jaw. It is specially designed to let users maneuver through bundles of heavy wire or to secure multiple conductors at once. A special hook tip on the jaw’s end makes it easy to separate individual wires from a bundle, eliminating the need to come in physical contact with the wires. — Ideal Industries, 800/435-0705; www.idealindustries.com