Bin level indicator

The SRP is an affordable rotary paddle type point level sensor with advanced features including a universal 20-250 VAC/VDC power supply and an adjustable time delay for its relay outputs. Its universalEP-Aplus-400
power supply means users only need a single device, even if they require AC and DC versions or a broad range of voltages such as 24VAC, 24VDC, 115VAC and 230VAC.

In addition the SRP universal power supply version uses an AC drive motor rather than the typical DC alternatives with brush-type drive motors that tend to have limited service life. The adjustable time delay provides a 0-12 second adjustment to eliminate nuisance alarms dues to shifting and surging materials. In addition, the SRP rotary paddle bin level indicator has an easily adjusted sensitivity (no disassembly required), a fail-safe output on power failure, local LED indication with an extra-large lens, pluggable terminal blocks for ease of wiring, and an extremely wide range of features.  —  Aplus Finetek Sensor, 815/632-3132;