Box girder beam cranes

A specialist in overhead bridge crane design, build, and installation, Innovated Industrial Services has expanded its production capabilities to include construction of box girders, well suited for use with EP-Crane-400
long-span, high-capacity double girder overhead bridge cranes and runway beams commonly used in concrete products and other heavy industrial applications. The company also designs and builds single-girder, mono-box models.

Box girder cranes have a light weight-to-span length ratio, engineers note. In many cases, they reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support the lifted load, thus reducing the overall building cost. “Our recent expansion into a new 9,000 sq. ft. facility enabled us to invest in a box girder fabrication line with capabilities for building quality cranes without interrupting our existing 14,000 sq. ft. manufacturing areas. We can now engineer and fabricate double box girders up to 100 ft. spans and up to 100 tons’ capacity,” says Innovated Industrial President Tom Taphorn.

It requires a specific skill set and special equipment to build box girders in-house, he adds, noting that beyond the fabrication line, Innovated Industrial has invested in a new automated welding process and uses AWS D14.1 certified welders. All box girder cranes are fully assembled and functionally tested prior to shipment. “The primary advantage for the customer is that by eliminating up to two additional suppliers in the overhead crane manufacturing and installation process, Innovated Industrial is able to control the quality and delivery lead times for the completed crane,” Taphorn affirms.

Hoist and crane component brands Innovated Industrial supplies with overhead bridge cranes include R&M Materials Handling, Ace World Companies, Street Crane, Acco Material Handling Solutions, and Louden. Among options that can be specified with crane packages are variable frequency drives, bogie end trucks, radio controls, anti-collision/collision avoidance systems, auxiliary hoists, and catwalks.  —  Innovated Industrial Services, Bartow, Fla., 863/533-1979