ASCE brings technical edge to EPA Green Infrastructure Collaboration

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency; CP staff

EPA has teamed with companion agencies, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Landscape Architects, plus downstream stakeholder organizations to form a network advancing green stormwater management, water conservation and pollution control measures.  

The Green Infrastructure Collaborative will foster their implementation through a platform a) leveraging joint efforts to promote the multiple community benefits of green infrastructure; b) building and sharing knowledge around emerging green infrastructure technologies and policy issues; and, c) facilitating shared inquiry into the best ways to encourage adoption of green infrastructure technologies at the local level.

In a Statement of Support accompanying the collaboration announcement, EPA notes: “The scale of green infrastructure ranges from urban installations to large tracts of undeveloped natural lands and includes rain gardens, green roofs, urban trees, permeable pavements, rainwater harvesting, wetlands, protected riparian areas, and forests. Interconnected networks of green infrastructure allow rainwater to be absorbed and cleansed by soil and vegetation; to flow back into groundwater or surface water resources; or to be harvested and used as a water resource.

“Significant advancements in green infrastructure have occurred in recent years. Communities across the country have greatly expanded the use of green infrastructure practices, most notably to address combined sewer overflows, reduce stormwater pollution in municipal separate storm sewer systems, and prevent localized flooding. Green infrastructure continues to emerge as an approach to complement and enhance gray infrastructure and provide multi-benefit solutions that create resilient and sustainable communities.”

Along with ASCE and ASLA, Green Infrastructure Collaborative signatories range from major federal Departments—Agriculture, Defense, Energy, Housing & Urban Development, Interior and Transportation—to lead activists such as the Environmental Defense Fund and National Resources Defense Council.

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