OSHA hears whistleblower suspended for videotaping equipment safety check

Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA has ordered Union Pacific Railroad to pay $51,000 in punitive damages and back pay to an employee who, despite federal whistleblower protection, was suspended for refusing to delete from his cell phone video footage of an air compressor safety inspection.

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Developer patents precast pervious pavement technology

Sources: Percoa USA LLC, Minneapolis; CP staff

Armed with a recently issued patent, Percoa USA is eyeing a range of commercial and residential market applications for its precast pervious concrete system and stormwater filtration methods. “We have demonstrated the durability of [the product] as well as its effectiveness in capturing and filtering runoff,” and “are moving to license technology to companies ready to manufacture pervious slabs and pavers,” affirms President Brett Pomerleau.

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