Tilt-Werks lifts Dayton Superior technology portfolio

Source: Dayton Superior Corp., Miamisburg, Ohio

In a deal with Tilt-Up Design Systems LLC, Dayton Superior has purchased Tilt-Werks, an integrated, web-based technology architects, structural engineers, contractors, and other professionals deploy for project design, including jobs requiring Building Information Modeling data.

“[This] technology is expanding our capacity to create a competitive edge for tilt-up construction customers,” says Dayton Superior CEO Jim McRickard, noting that Tilt-Up Design System President Joe Steinbicker has agreed to serve as a leading contributor to the new venture.

“Tilt-Werks users enjoy a dramatic increase in productivity during the entire design and specification process through the broad functionality of the application, ease-of-use, and the ability to rapidly incorporate design changes. The resulting reduction in the turnaround time required to complete this phase of a tilt-up project is critical to meeting contractors’ needs as the tilt-up industry trends towards the design of larger, more diversified structures,” adds Vice President of Engineering Rick Lindstrom.

As a facility’s geometry and engineering details are entered, Tilt-Werks builds the tilt-up walls on screen, allowing users to verify input accuracy and interactively make additions and changes. The program then automatically generates complete engineering calculations, panel design/detail and reinforcing steel drawings, reinforcing bar cut lists, material and product quantity takeoffs, and cost estimates in traditional hard copy or as exportable data files for use with other drawing, design and estimating tools.