Voice Command/Audible Alarm Systems

Patlite MP3 Smart Alert Series systems provide flexibility to adapt alarm/voice command messages to the unique and changing requirements of the individual application. Universal adaptability is provided with Patlite’s playlist programming editor, enabling completely customized MP3 messages to be quickly and easily created, stored to an SD card, and then loaded into an MP3 Smart Alert unit. 

Smart Alert and MP3 Smart Alert Series systems are available with a wide range of capabilities to accommodate different application requirements: 1) from simple built-in alarms and chimes to full voice sound; 2) from short, limited message capacity to four hours of playback with multiple playback modes; 3) for indoor or outdoor use with a variety of installation configurations; and, 4) with audible-only operation or with coordinated high-visibility single and multiple color LED signal lights. — Patlite, 888/214-2580; www.patlite.com