Scale weight data integration

Software allows weighing terminal users to integrate transaction data into PC databases. WeighSync DC can be configured for nearly any industrial process and allows users to collect data to create reports and meet compliance tracking and tracing requirements. Compatible with Windows 7 or 8, it collects weighing-transaction figures from multiple terminals in a Microsoft SQL Express database.

Weighing transactions are automatically updated to the WeighSync database, with the ability to map data to user-defined fields and tables in the Microsoft SQL Server Express database. Pre-defined templates within WeighSync enable quick connection to a broad variety of Mettler Toledo industrial weighing terminals. It is flexible enough to also define custom data structures, which allows users to create custom templates for connection to a broad variety of other devices that may be attached to the PC running WeighSync.

In addition to providing real-time transaction data, Mettler Toledo terminals that store data in tables can be used for scheduled data transfer using a calendar function within WeighSync. Collected data can be used to create reports in MS Excel or other programs, or to use for tracking and tracing purposes. The WeighSync network can communicate with older generation terminals, but is also ready to take advantage of newer, Ethernet-enabled products.