Automatic saw traverses Elematic EDGE program

Elematic Inc. is presenting the E9-500 Saw as an accurate and multi-tasking unit for cutting prestressed products safely and cleanly. Company engineers characterize the model as the right solution for hollow core producers who need automated cross, longitudinal, and diagonal cutting of slabs having thickness of up to 20 in. (500 mm) with a single saw investment.

A technological forerunner, they add, the E9-500 is especially designed to fit into Elematic EDGE production lines and aimed at precasters seeking high capacity, a wide product range, and highly automated production. The E9-500 is nevertheless a compact machine with a low frame, making it easily adaptable even in existing facilities with height limitations. It requires less labor than predecessor models, and its remote control enables the operator to perform other plant tasks simultaneously while sawing. Product piece data is transferred wirelessly via WLAN to the saw for fully automatic cutting.

The E9-500 is equipped with product-specific cut programs that compensate for camber and ensure consistent quality. The blade cover is programmable to bypass product accessories such as lifting loops, and maintain smooth production flow. Operators need to index the machine on the casting bed to engage the auto saw function—cutting and positioning steps commencing automatically. A powerful dust collection system works automatically with the self-adjusting blade cover, significantly minimizing emissions and reducing noise. An intelligent cutting speed control cuts faster and extends blade life.

Elematic engineers have designed the E9-500 with a minimum number of moving parts to ease maintenance. Large, informative touch screens present all relevant performance details. Premier North American user, Mid-States Concrete Industries in South Beloit, Ill., automatically generates a bed production cutting plan using Elematic’s ELiPLAN ERP software. The product data transfer further streamlines production and eliminates manual measuring mistakes, again increasing productivity. — Elematic Inc., Brookfield, Wis., 262/798-9777;