Truss arch structures

Gable style, Hercules truss arch buildings suit raw or finished materials storage and transfer, plus precast concrete curing enclosures. Shown here are recently completed twin structures at the Brookhaven Rail Terminal in Yaphank, N.Y. At 100- x 300-ft., they are connected by three breezeways and mounted on slabs on grade. The buildings are stamped engineered and built to Suffolk County code to meet 20 lb./sq. ft. snow load and 120 mph wind loads. The cover is a UV-resistant, 12.5-oz. rip-stop polyethylene material.

The buildings act as a primary distribution center for Long Island, N.Y., Home Depot stores, product transferred from rail car to tractor-trailers. They feature a total of seven overhead doors, including a pair of 16-ft. wide, 18-ft. high openings for rail cars. — Clear Span, Windsor, Conn., 866/643.1010;