Bindicator, Kistler-Morse add wireless radio capability to level sensors

InvisiLink Wireless Radio has joined the Bindicator and Kistler-Morse product offerings, allowing users to eliminate hard wiring and conduit between units, while netting equipment installation and maintenance cost savings.

The InvisiLink wireless radios communicate via RS-485 or RS-422, making them compatible with a) Bindicator Yo-Yo continuous level sensor, 3D Level Scanner and ORB remote inventory management systems; or, b) Kistler-Morse controller, and ORB remote inventory management systems. Additional compatibility with 4-20mA analog devices can be achieved when used in conjunction with the Bindicator or Kistler-Morse 4-20mA converters. This allows for the consolidation of multiple analog signals from level sensors across a bank of vessels into one digital signal that can be brought back to the plant wirelessly.

InvisiLink wireless radios have a standard transmission distance of 3,000 feet and extended range antenna option for longer distances. Environmental conditions need to be considered for optimal transmission. Other features include a NEMA 4 enclosures and LED indicator lights that designate communication and signal strength. — Bindicator,; Kistler-Morse,