ACI global strategy informs MBA choice for new international business post

Sources: American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Mich.; CP staff

ACI has named Bernard Pekor international business development director, responsible for relationship building with industry organizations outside the U.S. He will coordinate strategic development and implementation of plans for the key regions of India, Russia, China, and the Middle East, while helping to develop products and services for local markets beyond North America.

Pekor served as a director of International New Markets & Asia for the Detroit Regional Economic Partnership, where he cultivated business relationships and developed strategies for increasing engagement throughout the eastern and western hemispheres. He especially targeted key companies in the focus countries of China, India, Japan, and Korea, encouraging their overseas expansion.

“ACI envisions a future where everyone has the knowledge needed to use concrete effectively to meet the demands of a changing world. Bernardʼs understanding and experience in the global marketplace will assist in moving ACI forward with a clear international focus,” affirms ACI Executive Vice President Ronald Burg, P.E. “[His] background in international marketing and business development will be particularly helpful as the Institute continues to identify current and establish new products and services appropriate for global engagement.”

Pekor holds bachelors degrees in Marketing and Management from Duquesne University, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame.