Fieldbus-linked troubleshooting device

Company’s new FieldBarrier R4D0-FB-IA is a diagnostic-enabled isolated device coupler for Foundation Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA instruments. The compact FieldBarrier is DIN rail mounted in Zone 1/Div.2 environments and connects 8 … 12 instruments with intrinsic safety in Zone 0… 1/Div.1 environments. The FieldBarrier provides advanced fault diagnostics and isolation at the spur, enables live work on the trunk or spurs and supports plug-in surge protectors. The result is simplified installation, improved troubleshooting and maximized plant uptime.

At the spur, advanced fault protection isolates conditions such as short circuit, jabber or bounce, and advanced diagnostics detect installation quality issues for optimum segment availability. Internal components such as the terminator are connected without wiring, and connections requiring maintenance are minimized. Critical components are designed with redundancy or monitored for degradation to ensure high product integrity. The FieldBarrier also supports diagnostic-enabled accessories such as enclosure moisture ingress sensors and surge protectors. They all transmit fault and diagnostic information to the control room indicating the affected spur.

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