Concrete piling saw

A pneumatic saw and track system can be attached to concrete pilings to even off tops and casings, or remove piles in one piece to simplify reprocessing. The Esco APS-438 Concrete Piling Saw features a 14-in. fiberglass reinforced blade that rapidly cuts concrete up to a 5 inch thickness and suits evening off the tops of piles up to 60-in. diameters plus casing cutting. Fully supported on a trolley that rolls along a FlexTrack system, the air-powered saw speeds pile cutting and minimizes operator fatigue.

Capable of cutting construction pilings evenly without compromising the reinforcing bars, the saw can produce ±1/16 inch accuracy when the FlexTrack system is mounted to a smooth surface. The track attaches in 6-ft. sections and the concrete pile cutter saw has a 3-hp pneumatic motor, operating on 90 psi at 80 CFM.

— Esco Tool, 800/343-6926;