Obama underscores resilience, energy efficiency in Building Safety Month proclamation

Source: The White House

Proclaiming May National Building Safety Month, President Barack Obama notes:

“America’s buildings do more than house people and goods. They embody innovation; inspire creativity; and provide foundations for families, businesses, and communities. During National Building Safety Month, we celebrate the dedicated professionals who keep our buildings secure, and we recommit to maintaining resilient, energy-efficient infrastructure.

“Because this is not a task for government alone, my Administration has fostered partnerships between the public and private sectors. Joining with building officials, design professionals, scientists, and engineers, we continually develop new guidance and tools for increasing disaster-resistance and meeting building standards. As Americans, our spirit is strong and resilient, and our buildings should match that. From our homes to our high-rises, our museums to our malls, let us work to keep structures sound and up to code. By doing so, we can conserve energy, protect the environment, and help communities withstand the impacts of natural disasters and climate change.

“I encourage citizens, government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and other interested groups to join in activities that raise awareness about building safety. I also call on all Americans to learn more about how they can contribute to building safety at home and in their communities.”