Heavy/civil elite kick off Construction Industry Safety Week

Sources: American Infrastructure, Worcester, Pa.

A who’s who of major transportation, environmental and marine contractors are marking the inaugural U.S. Construction Industry Safety Week through on-site awareness and related measures aimed at thanking workforces for supporting safety and recognizing efforts to be injury free; stressing the importance of being committed to accident prevention every working minute; and, inspiring all companies to share best practices advancing the industry’s safety culture.

American Infrastructure and its aggregate and asphalt business, Independence Construction Materials, are joining 30 other Construction Industry Safety Group and Incident and Injury Free CEO Forum members in May 4-10 actions, noting that 80,000-plus workers are injured and upwards of 800 killed annually on jobsites across the country.

“We believe one injury is too many and make the safety of all employees our top priority,” says American Infrastructure Chairman A. Ross Myers. “We hope that Safety Week will not only increase awareness within our own companies, but also encourage other construction firms to make safety their number one focus.”

American Infrastructure’s award-winning Home Safe Tonight initiative fosters a culture of safety throughout the work environment. Beyond a set of compliance-geared standards and policies, it represents a mindset of intolerance to any level, frequency, or severity of injury, coupled with philosophy filtering from the top to employees across the organization.