Mobile batching control

Ruggedized tablet computer works with company’s BatchTron batch control system and BatchLink Order Entry or Reporting software to give the user full control of all batching functions. The main screen shows a graphic view of the plant and scales, with buttons to control material feeds, scale discharge, conveyors and mixing functions. Additional menus allow adjustment of moisture, slump and admixtures as well as setting up the batch queue, runs of batches and related parameters.

The roving operator can correct batching errors and plant malfunctions or bypass them as well as releasing batches from scales or mixer to waiting hoppers, buckets or trucks. The company notes that the skilled operator can be released, allowing him to interact more closely with casting crews, schedule deliveries more precisely and improve quality—resulting in better customer satisfaction and an improvement on the bottom line.

All the features available in the BatchLink software are available on the Mobile Control remote tablet, including formula editing, mixer charging sequence, order entry, truck dispatching and paperless reports. A major benefit of the tablet is a real-time graph of mixer moisture, slump and temperature to allow on-the-fly corrections when necessary. The WiFi-enabled devices have a quoted range of over 800 feet in open air or 230 feet inside buildings. Range can be extended with additional equipment. — Scale-Tron Inc., 800/632-7083;