Sealant knife

Industrial Sealant Knife is designed to speed up demanding projects by using the versatility and power of the multi-tool for what has traditionally been a hand-tool task. The knife uses a one-piece design and industrial-grade steel honed to a continuous cutting edge for maximum precision. This material and design combination gives the blade greater durability, even in harsh silicone and urethane removal jobs. 

The extra-thick blade design increases rigidity; blade can be resharpened for even longer life. The knife provides a longer blade surface (3-in. versus 2-in. for a conventional multi-tool blade) to maximize the cutting power of the blade. The sharpness of the blade and the additional cutting length means the user is cutting material with each movement of the blade. Less wasted motion means a faster job.

The blade can be used to plunge into the work area from varied angles and remove material with accuracy. Additionally, the design allows easier access to tight spaces and corners. The blade relies not only on sharpness, but the strong blade/tool connection provided by the company’s OIS interface system. The twelve-pin design locks the blade into place securely for maximum power transmission and torque. The design also accommodates most professional multi-tool interfaces. — Bosch Tool Corp., 877-BOSCH-99;