Titan brand rises in Florida as sun sets on Tarmac America

Sources: Titan America LLC, Norfolk, Va.; CP staff

Titan America recently announced a rebranding of its largest business, from Tarmac America to Titan Florida LLC, replacing a green and yellow logo with a blue and gray graphic consistent with sister businesses.

“Our new name reflects the Titan brand and spirit, as well as our unique identity as proud residents of the Sunshine State,” says Florida Business Unit President Pat Borders. “We have worked hard over the past two years to refocus our efforts—particularly in the areas of safety, service and quality. In the midst of a calamitous market decline, our value of continuous improvement meant a need to renew past intentions and to embrace future realities. This is the new Titan Florida LLC.”

Titan America has operated in Florida as Tarmac since parent, Greece’s Titan Cement Company S.A., acquired the U.S. cement, aggregate and ready mixed businesses of U.K.-based Tarmac in 2000. The seller, London-based mining giant Anglo American, remains a partner in a 50/50 joint venture—market-leading Lafarge Tarmac—formed in 2013 with Lafarge Group.