Sidley streamlines sand storage

Ohio ready mixed, aggregate, concrete masonry and precast producer R.W. Sidley Inc. recently developed a lean, aesthetic alternative to armor-type block synonymous with returned concrete mixes and aggregate stockpile containment.

Subsidiary Carr Concrete Corp., Williamstown, W.V., engineered and fabricated precast concrete push walls to frame aggregate storage bins, including those for Sidley-branded Pro/Angle Angular Bunker Sand and other custom blended grades. Bins at the producer’s Thompson, Ohio, operation store up to 2,000 tons of sand each; help to prevent contamination of the product from the ground or wind; and, afford a more accessible loading area for trucks than alternate structures. Carr Concrete crews post tensioned the push wall members to impart greater stability and strength for the Pro/Angle bins.

Subsidiary Carr Concrete Corp., Williamstown, W.V., Subsidiary Carr Concrete Corp., Williamstown, W.V. 

Carr Concrete details the push walls as freestanding precast structures that can be used for barriers, erosion control, and drainage outlets, in addition to sand & gravel or crushed stone containment. The standard section is 14 ft. long, 7.5 ft. high and has a 2 ft. 8 in. base tapering to 4.75 inches at the top. Standard push walls are cast with 4,000 psi concrete and reinforced with conventional bar or wire mesh per engineering conditions. Members can be made with weld plates, PVC conduit or other connection means if a project requires.