Enterprising Cemex deploys Ready Mix Solutions platform across globe

Cemex IT staff integrated the company’s enterprise platform to link RMS with individual plant production systems.

Sources: Cemex S.A.B. de CV, Monterrey, Mexico; CP staff

Following such company-wide initiatives as branded, performance product offerings and social media-styled communication of best practices, the world’s top ready mixed source continues phased rollout of technology integrating its cement, aggregates and concrete value chain to deliver building solutions exactly when customers need them.

The Ready Mix Solutions (RMS) platform allows Cemex commercial teams to present a full range of tailor-made concretes and complementary products from first contact with customers. Orders are relayed to dispatch in real time, where resources are optimized and customer service is monitored to guarantee seamless, timely product delivery. Cemex information technology specialists have leveraged SAP enterprise capabilities to connect RMS with plants’ production systems.

“Innovation and operational efficiency are at the core of everything we do,” says Cemex Vice President of Processes and Information Eduardo Guerra. “RMS is one more step in our continuous efforts to better serve our customers through industry-leading products and processes.” The platform has been implemented successfully in 300-plus Cemex sites from Central and South America to China and Malaysia, he adds, with deployment continuing in U.K. and Germany operations.