AGC backs new Internet domain: .build

Source: Associated General Contractors of America, Washington, D.C.

AGC and the proprietor of a new namespace recently created by ICANN, the controlling authority for the Internet, have announced a joint initiative to provide .build domain names focused on the construction industry. The .build name is one of several new top level domains launching in 2014 that provide an opportunity for companies to improve their web presence and internet marketing through addresses other than the generic .com.

AGC will work with .build backers to help commercial construction interests register their new domain names at the best available prices. Targeted domains will become an integral part of any company’s web presence and Search Engine Optimization strategy. “Staying relevant online is a critical component for every business,” said Stephen Sandherr, chief executive officer, AGC. “This will offer our members a way to successfully compete for new business in the increasingly crowded online world.”

“We’re very excited to be working with AGC as we launch an expanded piece of the existing Internet infrastructure created for builders,” says George Minardos, founder of .build, based in Santa Monica, Calif. “Our industry had been slow to acquire their online identity in the early days of the .com-focused Internet. The industry is now well positioned to adopt a more relevant namespace that actually describes what [businesses] do.” The registry will be more than just another generic top level domain, he adds, becoming an online community dedicated to serving builders through enhanced search, website design, news, information and virtual markets.   —