Road King Technologies mobilizes electronic ticketing

Cloud-based information technology developer has added E-Ticket to mixer fleet-suited management and GPS tracking systems. The program, Road King Technologies officials note, replaces paper delivery tickets; saves an average of three to five minutes of driver’s time; automatically logs site arrival plus mix discharge start and completion times; and, captures signatures on pdf documents, automatically forwarded to designated e-mail accounts.

The company’s TRAC18 GPS software is completely web-based, resulting in unlimited possibilities for plant or dispatch managers to link to a multi-user environment from a secured connection without the costs and maintenance tied to locally installed software. Developers cite automating common operations among potential benefits from using TRAC18 in concert with patented hardware, including interfaces to read meters, sensors and switches, operate valves and relays remotely through users’ own VPN (Virtual Private Network) via the latest WiFi, cellular, and satellite technology.

The mixer fleet-suited RK1000 is a basic cellular tracking system that transmits a truck’s GPS coordinates and speed on a timely basis to the Road King server. Using assigned ID and password, operators can view data on their vehicles via the web. The system is equipped to read the status of up to four switches on a truck, plus one or two independent temperature sensors. It also allows for remote control of two functions, along with addition of a remote wireless key to confirm trip validity and that the vehicle is not being stolen. The RK1000 also offers as standard functions excessive speed alarm and alert based on GPS-tracked speed; vehicle location broadcast, transmitted at 30-second or other assigned interval; broadcast of engine on/off time and location; Google Maps-enabled WebTrac vehicle location tracking; and, trip meter broadcast of miles traveled, calculated on recorded GPS coordinates. — 888/760-0147;