Rebar safety cap

The PC110 Suprotek Impalement Safety Cap minimizes risks on the jobsite and is compliant with OSHA requirement 344.90 and has the CALOSHA C-1730-AG approval. In addition to providing increased jobsite safety, the design reduces the need to have different size safety caps to fit varying sizes of rebar. The new PC110 cap fits sizes #3 (10 mm) to #11 (36 mm) rebar. Its dual color design enhances the readability of OSHA-required information.

The patented technology used in the Suprotek safety cap design, paired with its versatility and OSHA compliance, makes it an essential personal safety component, product engineers contend. It can be used on vertical or horizontal protruding rebar by simply placing the black end of the safety cap onto the end of the bar. The safety cap is made in-house utilizing manufacturer’s fully-automated robotic and injection over-molding capabilities. — Dayton Superior Corp., 800/745-3700;