BASF Admixture Systems concrete mix declaration template.Often compared to nutrition labels, EPDs arethird-party verified reports published by suppliers andmanufacturers that provide quality assured and comparableinformation regarding environmental performance oftheir materials and products.

BASF Construction Chemicals’ Admixture Systems business haslaunched a third-party, critically reviewed Environmental ProductDeclaration Manager tool for concrete, enabling preparation of customer-specific EPDs to help producers communicate mixtures’environmental performance and attributes.

EPD development capabilities equip staff to help concrete producers meet requirements for the new LEED v4 Materials and Resources credit. “Many of our customers may want to provide EPDsand better communicate and quantify the environmental impacts oftheir mixtures,” notes Juan Alfonso Garcia, vice president of BASF’sAdmixture Systems business in North America. “This tool allows us toassist our customers through that process.”

In addition to developing declaration content through its EPD Manager tool, the company provides a seamless process forthe third-party critical review and registration of the final documentthrough the Program Operator. Final, verified declarations are ready for submission to architects, engineers and otherproject stakeholders. The EPD Manager has been independently verified by NSF International and complies with the North American Product Category Rules for ISO 14025 Type III EnvironmentalProduct Declarations developed by the Carbon Leadership Forum(note page 17). The tool is the newest element in BASF’s portfolioof products and services for sustainable construction, includingEco-Efficiency Analysis.