PHOTOS: Probst GmbH (paver installation)Hundreds of thousands of visitors to Sochi will test an impressive interlocking concrete paving stone installation serving the two main venues of the Russia-hosted 2014 Winter Olympic games.

For the first time in their history, all Winter Olympics arenas can be reached on foot. In order to allow the Olympians and winter sports fans to trek from one competition to the next as easily as possible, the routes in the Sochi Olympic Park were completely repaved by Technologii Blagoustrojstwa (TB). With a PowerPlan PP screeding and four VM-203 installation machines—all from Germany’s Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme GmbH—TB crews have performed the pavement construction quickly and efficiently leading into this month’s festivities.

A sprawling concrete paver installation connects the Bolshoy Ice Dome (top) and Shayba Arena, plus other venues built for the pedestrian- geared XXII Winter Olympic Games.

The VM-203 affords operators a) clear view of both the laying edge and conditions toward the back of the machine, ensuring safety and high quality work; and, b) a low center of gravity for optimal stability at any operating position. Its double articulated steering feature ensures that no horizontal forces are applied when turning—even on freshly installed surfaces—since the wheels only roll over the pavers instead of twisting against them.

Front and rear axles’ different track widths distribute machine weight so that no ruts are produced, even if operators drive over the same spot several times. As a universal machine, the VM-203 has a broad range of attachments for different tasks: curb-laying clamps; sweeping and sand watering systems; and, vacuum laying systems for different concrete and natural stone slabs. Minnesota-based Pave Tech Inc. represents Probst in North America. —;