Hanson Pressure Pipe hits road, educational exhibit in tow

Source: Hanson Pressure Pipe, Grand Prairie, Texas

A loaded, 25-ft. demonstration trailer offers public works managers, engineers, and contractors a close look at American Water Works Association C-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe, an established product in the Southwest and West now gaining traction in other regions.

“Bar-wrapped pipe is a proven, long-lasting material with thousands of miles in the ground across North America. However, many young engineers and project managers are unfamiliar with its attributes and applications,” says Hanson Pressure Pipe Senior Vice President of Sales & Engineering Ken Primavera. “[The] trailer provides hands-on education that will help municipalities with the specification process as well as the installation and long-term management of their pipelines.”

The trailer includes bar-wrapped pipe segments and cross sections, plus various joint configurations for observers to better understand the product’s design and fabrication methods, along with many component and joint options. Sample spools showcase ease of tapping and repair. Accompanying representatives at conferences and one-on-one meetings, the trailer has proved a key tool in teaching decision-makers about a high performance product for water supply systems. Hanson Pressure Pipe fabricates AWWA-C-303 product in 10-in. to 64-in. diameter, crediting its performance to combination of steel’s physical strength plus cement-rich mortar’s structural and protective properties.