Cemex Water Policy: Conservation, compliance, continuous improvement

Source: Cemex S.A.B. de CV, Monterrey, Mexico

Citing the building materials industry’s important role in sustainable management of a finite resource, Cemex has finalized a Corporate Water Policy defining global strategy for responsible management and framing local conservation and efficiency measures in concrete, cement and aggregate operations.

The policy a) references compliance with relevant regulations and commitment to protect ecosystems and biodiversity in Cemex sites through sustainable water management; b) pledges to maximize water efficiency by managing consumption and utilizing sustainable sources such as rainwater; and, c) commits to preventing pollution while monitoring, reviewing, assessing, and disclosing water efficiency performance against measurable targets to drive continuous improvement.

“Cemex is fully committed to carrying out our business activities in a sustainable manner, minimizing pressure on water resources and covering three essential aspects such as resource availability, resource quality, and ecosystem integrity,” affirms Chairman Lorenzo Zambrano.

“This is a logical next step to complement our sustainability achievements, including increasing alternative fuel substitution rates and the use of renewable energy in our operations,” adds Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Luis Farias. “This policy reinforces our commitment to establish strategic alliances with authorities and local stakeholders.”

The Corporate Water Policy is part of Cemex’s Water Project, developed in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the oldest and largest global environmental organization focused on pragmatic solutions to pressing environment and development challenges. Cemex began working with the group in 2010, developing thus far a methodology to standardize water measurement and management, plus plans to increase water efficiencies across all operations.