Ultrasonic device gauges concrete set time, optimal mix placement rate

Source: Riese Electronic GmbH, Germany

Riese Electronic plans a 2014 World of Concrete North American debut for BEUS, an ultrasonic device that accurately measures concrete hardening or solidification time, while taking the guesswork out of an alternative method, the knead bag test, where thumb pressure gauges a mix’s setting window.

BEUS operates on the principle of an ultrasonic sensor sending a measurement signal that bounces off a specimen cube, with the reflected signal varying depending on hydration progress. Riese engineers equipped the device for construction sites and precast plant operations, embedding it in a sturdy, 25-lb. transport box, with battery or AC power options. Using a standard 15-cm specimen cube, BEUS can be deployed on all types of cementitious, aggregate and admixture combinations. Quality control technicians or plant staff place the cube in the box, press two buttons, and observe hardening time measurement. The equipment will be demonstrated at Las Vegas Convention Center Booth N2007 during the World of Concrete, January 21-24.  –  www.beus-controls.de