Proto system works with the company’s SkyHook to help technicians and contractors working in construction comply with fall protection regulation, fulfill safety requirements, and work productively while at height. The Proto Tethered Tools system includes 11 types of lanyards; eight sizes of tool collars; and, seven different looped heat shrinks for retrofitting existing tools.

The tethered tools solution utilizes active attachments that are always engaged, even during transfer from hand to hand, person to person, or hand to holster. The operation is essentially hands free, and only requires a short lanyard to go from a user’s hand to wrist. If the tool is dropped, it only falls a short distance, decreasing hazard risk.

The system is fast to use and easy to adapt, the company notes, and the docks can easily be added onto standard tool belts, tool bags or work platforms. If a tool gets entrapped in structures or machinery, it’s designed to breakaway (with significant force) for tools up to 6 lb.

For customers who would prefer to retrofit their existing tool crib to the SkyHook solution, several attachment mechanisms are available depending on tool type, mobility required and weight. For rotating tools such as screwdrivers, punches and hex keys, the tool collars mount on the shaft, allowing full use of the grip end. The collars have 360-degree mobility, preventing tether entanglement, and fit on a wide range of tools. The flexible collars allow quick installation and includes a tumbled tether loop. The eight different collars also don’t require additional tools for installation.

Proto’s tether ready tools include 130 different sockets, 80 wrenches, 32 screwdrivers and hex keys, 22 striking and struck tools, and 27 pliers and specialty tools. All work within the Proto SkyHook system or with traditional elastic lanyards. — Proto Industrial Tools, www.protoindustrial.com