Hydraulic cylinder actuators

The self-contained Electronic Advanced Sub-system—Integrated (EAS-i) Actuator—is available on a wide range of cylinder types, and has been designed to locally control the motion of the cylinder or a group of cylinders to perform a programmed function and respond to an input.

EAS-i Actuator controls cylinder motion to perform a programmed function or to respond to an input. It typically can consist of a hydraulic cylinder, load control valves, directional control valves, sensors and an electronic controller. It can be customized to provide closed-loop feedback on pressure, temperature, cycles, angle, velocity and/or position from the actuator to the on-board controller. This controller can be linked to the main control system various data transfer lines, like J1939 and CANbus.

Additional benefits of the actuator include: simplified Electro-Hydraulic Systems; fully Tested, Plug-and-Play Solution; Control Solution Designed around Application and Desired Function; Easy Troubleshooting and Repair; Increased Stiffness and Control due to Valve Proximity; Simple, Local Feedback provisions; Decreased Number of Leak Points; Lower Heat Generation.  — Texas Hydraulics Inc., www.texashydraulics.com