First aid for cuts

WoundSeal is a topical powder that stops external bleeding through the creation of an instant, protective and waterproof scab. Suited to the jobsite, the easy-to-use powder enables injured workers to effectively treat their own wound in order to return to duties.

While hemostatic agents, such as styptic pencils, have been on the market for minor shaving nicks and paper cuts, WoundSeal is the only product that can treat a broad range of external bleeding wounds, product developers contend. Once a cut occurs, the person cleans the wound, if possible, and lets it re-bleed. With blood present, the person pours the topical powder—comprised of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate—onto the wound and applies light pressure. The powder interacts with the wound’s blood to form a protective, waterproof scab within seconds. The scab then falls off naturally as the wound heals.

It should be noted that the powder works independently of the body’s blood-clotting cascade to stop bleeding without entering the blood stream. Through WoundSeal’s breakthrough technology, users treating a bleeding wound can reduce the number of steps and products used, and reduce actual bleeding time to just seconds. WoundSeal is available through occupational first aid distributors and over the counter at national pharmacies. — Biolife, LLC, 800/722-7559;