Mobile platform, domestic business fuel Command Alkon chief’s confidence for 2014

Sources: CP staff; Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.

Addressing the company’s 2013 Training and Technology Conference general session, Command Alkon Chief Executive Officer Phil Ramsey projected modest growth in global software and plant equipment shipments next year, about 80 percent of gains likely stemming from North American concrete, aggregate and bulk materials producers and haulers.

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Pacing LEED v4, Northfield Block issues industry’s premier Health Product Declaration

Sources: CP staff; CarbonCure Technologies Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia

In a nod to customers aligning project specs with forthcoming U.S. Green Building Council certification guidelines, Oldcastle Architectural’s business serving Chicago and upper Midwest markets has announced a Health Product Declaration (HPD) for its Trendstone Sandstone ground face concrete masonry unit.

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Titan America parlays permeable articulating concrete block pavement

Sources: Titan America LLC, Norfolk, Va.; CP staff

Titan America will introduce the proprietary PaveDrain system to the south Florida market later this month in a 650-sq.-ft. demonstration at Ft. Lauderdale City Hall. A Permeable Articulating Concrete Block Pavement System (P-ACB), PaveDrain is placed either in mat sections, typically 8-feet wide and up to 40-feet long, or as individual units much like conventional paving stones.

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Ex-Transportation chief ties gas tax increase to ‘big, bold’ infrastructure vision

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill.; CP staff

With candor that marked his tenure as U.S. Transportation Secretary (February 2009–June 2013) and in Congress (1995–2009, R-IL), Ray LaHood told cement and concrete interests: “I believe that the time has come for America to say we need to be number one again, we need to fix up our bridges that are falling down, we need to fix up our roadways, and we need to raise the gas tax 10 cents per gallon.”

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Coal-, steel-seasoned investor WL Ross enters concrete and aggregates

Sources: WL Ross & Co. LLC, New York City; CP staff

Permian Basin Materials, LLC (PBM), a newly formed affiliate of private equity firm WL Ross & Co., has acquired majority stakes in Texas’ Crockett County Mining, Ltd., Highland Concrete Co. and Wallach Concrete, Inc. WL Ross-managed funds will own 80 percent of PBM as the three business’ existing shareholders maintain a combined 20 percent stake.

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ASTM subcommittee eyes tests for RCC compaction, density, air and flexural strength

Source: ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa.

ASTM Subcommittee C09.45 on Roller-Compacted Concrete is working on three proposed standards: WK33682, Test Method for Preparation, Compaction and Density Determination of Roller-Compacted Concrete Specimens by Means of the Gyratory Compactor; WK41101, Practice for Molding Roller-Compacted Concrete in Beam Molds Using a Vibrating Hammer; and, WK42461, Test Method for Density (Unit Weight) and Air Content (Pressure Method) of Freshly Mixed Roller-Compacted Concrete.

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