National, provincial groups organize sustainability-guided Concrete Council of Canada

Sources: Cement Association of Canada, Ottawa; CP staff

Canadian concrete and cement interests have united to advance the industry’s leadership in sustainable construction and promote the social, environmental and economic value of concrete products and building methods.

“Concrete is an essential piece of the puzzle in addressing sustainable development. Concrete underpins much of our modern society—above, on and below ground—and it provides the resilience our infrastructure requires to minimize the effects of both climate change and human activity,” said Chairman of the Concrete Council of Canada Robert Burak, president of the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. “The creation of the Concrete Council of Canada reflects our industry’s determination to ensure that the benefits of concrete are clearly understood and underscores that we are committed to being a proactive partner in addressing society’s sustainability challenges.”

The members of the Concrete Council of Canada will work toward coordination and alignment of priorities and activities that will amplify the impact of the respective programs of each industry sector, while leveraging the particular strengths and expertise of each organization.

The industry is represented through various independent organizations across Canada: cement, ready mixed concrete, precast concrete, concrete pavers and concrete pipe. The members of the Concrete Council of Canada can be found here.