OSHA office wages campaign to curtail ‘struck-by’ site incidents

Sources: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Region 7, Kansas City, Mo.; CP staff

The OSHA Kansas City Regional Office is continuing an outreach initiative for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska employers and employees, educating them on preventing accidents with conventional traffic/passenger vehicles, fork lift and yard trucks, and cranes.

“We’ve investigated 37 cases in the past six years in which a worker was fatally injured from a struck-by vehicle incident,” says OSHA Acting Regional Administrator Marcia Drumm. “By continuing to spread awareness and safety tips through workers, employers, union groups and the like, we can help avoid these preventable tragedies.”

Causes of struck-by accidents typically involve reverse vehicle movement into a pedestrian outside the driver’s field of vision, or vehicles falling off ramps, inclines or unstable ground. Among accident prevention strategies OSHA officials cite are ensuring functional back-up alarms; walking vehicle periphery before operating; staying alert; obeying all traffic rules and signs; minimizing distractions; inspecting and maintaining vehicles; plus, using safety belts and headlights.

OSHA has developed educational materials, Evaluate Your Entire Surroundings, or E.Y.E.S., in English and Spanish. They include a one-page fact sheet with incident data and prevention strategies; “OSHA Region 7 Informational Guide for Preventing Struck-By Accidents,” a brochure that covers risk assessment steps, common operator errors and safety tips; and, laminated poster. Free electronic copies of materials supporting the initiative, or printed versions, can be obtained from duty officers in these OSHA Region 7 offices: Kansas City, 816/483-9531; Des Moines, 515/284-4794; Omaha, 402/553-0171; and, Wichita, 316/269-6644.