Magnetic board safety diagram

HurtSpot developers credit the effectiveness of their magnetic board to an ability to relate the consequences of unsafe workplace action. “The name ‘HurtSpot’ is descriptive, it identifies parts of the body where injuries occur,” says spokesman Christian Krapf. “When you see the red line pointing to the head you can almost feel the pain. Big magnetic numbers flag injury count for each body part and call attention to accident patterns. Optional built-in T-Cards detail accidents for each body part for study and preventive action. The board is also available with custom printing.”

Users find displaying injury points on a magnetic body-diagram is a powerful motivator, he adds, with employee involvement a widely recognized, key component of successful safety programs. “When we show injury locations and numbers on the board’s human form, it’s more effective than posting a bunch of reports, and the board is always there, reminding employees to work safely,” a New Jersey safety director observes. “When we post an injury, we see employees stop and check it out. It has brought more visibility to our safety program,” adds a South Carolina manager.

HurtSpot joins an inventory of 2,000-plus magnetic, job-task oriented and all-purpose ready-to-use whiteboard kits. — Magnatag, 800/624-4154; 


SafetyNetUsers of SafetyNet, a technology predicting workplace injuries, now have access to additional features that help them keep workers safer through the version 9.0.
“Each improvement helps users to better predict and prevent workplace injuries using data analytics, and then communicate those predictions across the organization so injuries can be prevented,” says Predictive Solutions General Manager Griffin Schultz. “Customers continue to prove through their results, that if we can predict workplace injuries, they can prevent them.”

With version 9.0, users will have the ability to access SafetyNet via Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari Internet browsers, and will note such new features as: enhanced safety analytics and reporting including trending and adhoc analytics; more detailed prediction model feedback to ensure more focused preventive measures; and, functionality that supports complex, multi-level organizations for more targeted analysis and communication. — 


Besser Co. customers can order 24/7 by logging onto, a powerful tool offering these benefits:
• Search by part number, part description, or a portion of each;
• Immediate retrieval of past quotes, sales orders and invoices in PDF format;
• Quotes and orders stored for quick re-ordering;
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• Pricing and drawings included with most parts;
• E-mail order confirmation;
• E-mail reminders when parts are left in customer cart;
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• Data stored on a secure site

Additionally, the Besser customer service team remains available 24/7 at 989/354-1000 to support industry members with parts and technical support needs.