Ground limestone-bearing cement nears 50 percent of British Columbia shipments

Sources: Cement Association of Canada (CAC), Ottawa; CP staff

Two years after its launch across Canada, an industry-branded portland cement with up to 15 percent ground limestone content—promoted for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent against conventionally milled powder—has gained significant traction among concrete producers and their customers.

Lafarge Canada and Lehigh Hanson report that the Contempra product accounts for almost half of domestic shipments from their Richmond and Delta, B.C., cement plants, respectively. The acceptance rate will accelerate as more developers and builders specify the carbon-reduced binder for their projects, CAC officials note. Conversion to Contempra-based concrete achieved to date in B.C., they add, equates to a reduction of 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions when measured against product designed with conventional portland cement.

“Contempra is a shining example of the cement industry’s continued commitment to innovation and lowering our collective environmental footprint,” says CAC President Michael McSweeney. “We are delighted with the market’s enthusiastic response and the tremendous strides both Lafarge and Lehigh Hanson have made in establishing this lower carbon cement as the cement of choice in British Columbia.”