Transportation chief streamlines vehicle inspection paperwork

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx cites a potential $1.7 billion savings for trucking interests from the proposed elimination of a daily paperwork burden tied to Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

Current federal regulations require commercial vehicle drivers to conduct pre- and post-trip equipment inspections and file DVIR regardless of whether or not an issue requiring repairs is identified. Based on the number of hours needed to comply, DVIR are the 19th-highest paperwork burden imposed across all federal agencies, with only 5 percent of reports indicating truck defects. Under the DOT-proposed change, commercial truck drivers would continue conducting pre- and post-trip inspections; however, DVIR would be required only if defects or deficiencies were discovered by or reported to the driver during the day’s operations.

“We can better focus on the 5 percent of problematic truck inspection reports by eliminating the 95 percent that report the status quo,” says Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro. “Moving to a defect-only reporting system would reduce a significant paperwork burden facing truck drivers and save the industry billions without compromising safety.”

FMCSA has opened a public comment period for the proposed rule through October 7. Comments can be submitted here.