Portable container extends mixer truck washout management

The developer of the Washout Watchdog for mixer truck chutes has added Porta-Pit, a high-strength polyethylene container designed for easy site-to-site transfer and safe, spill-free gray water handling. “What Washout Watchdog does for concrete producers, Porta-Pit does for contractors,” says inventor Les Connard, adding that the compact units enable concrete and pumping contractors “to transport washout materials and water from job site to recycling center.”

Porta-Pit is available in .5-, .75- and 1.5-yd. sizes, he notes, each featuring:
• Durability. Cross-linked, polyethylene is five times stronger than ordinary polypropylene plastic.
• Security. A locking lid prevents water from escaping during transport.
• Lightweight. At about 50 lb., it can be moved by hand.
• Small footprint. The 1.5-yd. model is about the size of a pallet, 44- x 42-in. and 40-in. tall.
• Stackable, drainable design. Porta-Pits can be nested or stacked for easy storage; for users who prefer dry materials, the models have a removable plug in the lid to facilitate evaporation.
• Low maintenance. Containers do not require release agents, as concrete will not adhere to their plastic surfaces.
• Handling ease. Loaded Porta-Pits can be moved with a forklift or truck without draining.
— Washout Watchdog, Ontario, Calif., 626/247-8766; www.porta-pit.com