Dayton Superior braces for key role in Tilt-Werks by TDS design

A new technology sponsorship enables Dayton Superior Corp. to provide tilt-up concrete practitioners running Tilt-Up Design Systems Tilt-Werks software with project data—from material estimates to lifting and bracing requirements, all in real time—to streamline wall design and construction. “Projects developed using Tilt-Werks will have immediate access to our services, starting with preconstruction and continuing all the way to tilt-up lifting and bracing engineering,” says Dayton Superior Director of Engineering Rick Lindstrom.

The technology sponsorship has seen TDS develop a proprietary interface with Dayton Superior’s lifting and bracing engineering software. It allows specific aspects of Tilt-Werks-designed and –detailed projects to be shared with the manufacturer, whereby users can bypass data entry and proceed to lifting and bracing engineering.
“One of the many advantages of the tilt-up method of construction is speed,” affirms TDS President Joe Steinbicker. With its Building Modeling Information data output capabilities, he adds, “Tilt-Werks is a fully integrated technology that further expedites the design and construction process for tilt-up projects from preliminary design to integration with industry suppliers, such as Dayton Superior.”
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