Consumers Concrete adopts fly ash-based CeraTech cement

Following success in commercially developing and marketing a line of durable and sustainable cements, CeraTech USA, LLC is now focused on building a national distribution and support network.
Consumers Concrete Corp., Michigan’s leading ready mixed concrete, block, and aggregate producer, recently became a distributor for CeraTech brands. “We are always looking for leading edge technologies,” says CEO Tom Thomas, adding that the binder fits plants already using Class C ash and proved easy to plumb through batch panels.

As a CeraTech USA Preferred Partner, Consumers Concrete has secured distribution throughout Michigan for ekkomaxx (general purpose), Kemrok (corrosion resistant), and Firerok (heat resistant) products. Its Lansing operation is the first of six stationary, dry batch plants to carry CeraTech Cement, with development continuing on a mobile dispensing system for projects at more remote plants.

For ready mixed concrete operators, CeraTech officials cite an easy transition to incorporating their value added, non-portland cement system in daily production. Similarly, the switch suits concrete practitioners: All CeraTech brands meet or exceed ASTM C1157 as a hydraulic cement system, allowing engineers and designers to propose mix designs in accordance with the American Concrete Institute and International Code Council standards or requirements.

CeraTech Cement is 95 percent fly ash, 5 percent liquid additives. The material’s crystalline matrix and resulting functional properties change the way to look at cast-in-place concrete, product developers contend, adding that basic chemistry sets it apart from portland cement in finished slabs and structures.
Company officials cite these features and benefits in fresh and finished concrete produced with CeraTech Cement versus portland cement: workable slumps with a 0.18–0.23 w/c ratio meaning less shrinkage, earlier finish times from a lack of bleed water; lower permeability for longer service life; faster drying times for floorings/coatings (coatings in as little as three days); corrosion and heat resistance; lower heat of hydration (> 30 percent); freeze thaw durability (600 cycles); and, elimination of cement burn risks. — CeraTech USA, LLC, Alexandria, Va., 800/581-8397; Preferred Partner contact, Mike Weber, [email protected].