Proposed wet-cast retaining wall unit standard: No ‘reconstituted’ ready mixed

Source: ASTM International, West Conshohocken, Pa.

ASTM Committee C27 on Precast Concrete Products’ WK38192, Specification for Wet-Cast Precast Modular Block Retaining Wall Units, is progressing under Subcommittee C27.20 on Architectural and Structural Products.

It would cover units used for gravity and mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall applications—from residential to large-scale commercial site development projects, plus public agency transportation and waterways. “The purpose of ASTM WK38192 is to identify the physical properties of the products that are important for their intended use and to describe the proper means and methods of testing and measurement of those properties,” says C27 member Clint Hines, president of JC Hines and Associates LLC, Anderson, Ohio. “This standard will set requirements for dimensional tolerances of individual block units and lifting device requirements for improved safety in handling and installation.”

On approved, he adds, ASTM WK38192 will eliminate the use of reconstituted ready mixed concrete in block unit production; establish guidelines for freeze-thaw durability concerns; and, standardize minimum requirements for production quality assurance/quality control testing and reporting. The standard would suit block unit producers and distributors, testing laboratories, consulting firms, government agencies and commercial contractors.

ASTM Committee C27 and Subcommittee C27.20 will next convene December 10 in Jacksonville, Fla. Contacts: (technical) Clint Hines, 513/843-6570, [email protected]; (ASTM staff) Joseph Hugo, 610/832-9740, [email protected].