Executive Blockmakers’ Workshop set for August

Source: World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT), Besser Co., Alpena, Mich.

The Executive Blockmakers Session, August 13-15 at the WCCT in Alpena, Mich., is tailored to those in upper management, but new to the concrete products industry and not involved in day-to-day plant operations.

Participants will learn about the processes involved in running a block plant, how to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve productivity. Learning the keys to producing quality concrete products will allow them to return to their companies to pose intelligent questions regarding processes and procedures, and share ideas for improvements gained from instructors and classmates. Past Executive Blockmakers participants include executives, dispatchers, financial managers and sales representatives. Time will be dedicated to sharing information about new products, programs and current industry issues in a round-table format with industry executives and professionals.

Tuition for the 2-1/2-daycourse is $800 and includes books and lunches. Participants can register online at wcct.net/workshops/ or by calling 989/358-7238.