Oldcastle Architectural’s Northfield Block injects CO2 into curing regimen

Source: CarbonCure Technologies Inc., Halifax, N.S.

The Oldcastle Architectural Products Group business serving the largest Midwest market will add a carbon dioxide-sequestering process to concrete masonry curing at its three-machine plant in Morris, Ill., located about 40 miles west of Chicago.

Northfield Block, which serves Home Depot and Lowe’s accounts, plus commercial and residential customers, is adopting a new method in which industrial CO2 gas—sourced by Air Liquide and delivered in tanks suited for placement alongside block and paver production lines—is injected at pallet molding. The CO2 reacts with the dry unit masonry mixes to form limestone and accelerates curing. The process sequesters the gas and lowers curing-energy requirements. Nortfield Block joins early technology adopters Basalite Concrete Products, California; Atlas Block, Ontario; and, Shaw Brick, Nova Scotia.