Wood, manufactured aggregate net British block maker carbon-negative unit

Sources: Lignacite Ltd., Suffolk, U.K.; CP staff

Independent United Kingdom concrete masonry producer Lignacite Ltd. has developed the Carbon Buster unit, whose formulation and production are measured at negative carbon dioxide emissions—hence, they capture more CO2 gas than they generate.

The carbon factor reflects a mix design with wood particles, which capture and sequester CO2 gas; and, Carbon8 pellets or C8Agg, produced from CO2, sand, cement and water. The CO2 source is carbonated exhaust treatment residue from a waste-to-energy plant. A specialist in treating industrial waste and contaminated soils, Carbon8 Systems deploys its Accelerated Carbonation Technology to convert the residue into a CO2-sequestering component of C8Agg. The Kent, England, company built a C8Agg production line alongside Lignacite’s headquarters operation.

The producer is promoting the 17.3-in. x 8.5-in. (440-mm x 215-mm) Carbon Buster unit for interior or exterior applications, below and above grade, where the surface is finished. Lignacite is targeting U.K. architects and specifiers seeking to meet low embodied-carbon thresholds in buildings. Promotion kicks off in late June with a Carbon Buster block seminar in London. www.lignacite.co.uk