Basalite, Central Concrete, Pankow team on Living Building Challenge milestone job

Sources: CarbonCure Technologies, Halifax, N.S.; University of California, Davis (UC Davis); CP staff

UC Davis officials indicate that their latest campus addition, the Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery, is set to be the first university building to carry Living Building Challenge Net Zero Energy certification—owing to construction phase material specifications and long-term resource efficiency.

A ceremony for the single-story, 8,500-sq.-ft. project included recognition of northern California suppliers Basalite Concrete Products, Dixon, and Central Concrete Supply, San Jose, and their concrete-wise design/build client, Charles Pankow Builders, Oakland. The Jackson Winery is the first project using Basalite units produced with CarbonCure’s carbon dioxide-capturing process. Central Concrete, a U.S. Concrete company, delivered a block fill mix with 90 percent portland cement substitution, plus slab and foundation mixes with 50 percent portland cement substitution. The Basalite block/Central grout combination nets the lowest carbon content concrete masonry wall assembly built to California code.

After addressing environmental considerations in project specs, Pankow Builders and Seigel & Strain Architects, Emeryville, Calif., looked to green potential in the building’s operating phase. When fully equipped, the Jackson Winery will be self-sustainable through onsite capture of energy and water. Some water harvesting and filtration, plus power production, will benefit the adjacent Teaching and Research Winery and August A. Busch III Brewery and Food Science Laboratory. Both facilities are located at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science complex on the south side of the UC Davis campus.

The International Living Future Institute maintains the Living Building Challenge performance standard. It is the parent organization for the Cascadia Green Building Council, a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council and Canada Green Building Council serving Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.