CTS additive economizes shrinkage-reducing, compensating mixtures

Sources: CTS Cement Manufacturing Co., Cypress, Calif.; CP staff

Rapid Set mix proprietor CTS Cement has developed Type-G mineral additive for use in shrinkage reduction or compensation in portland cement concrete. Dosed at 30-60 lb./yd., the product suits any application where conventional binder is specified, including slab on grade, bridge deck, parking structure, topping slab and precast.

Type-G additive’s primary chemical mechanism for expansion is the reaction of calcium oxide and water to create the expansive Calcium Hydroxide Platelet System. Although not classified as a shrinkage-reducing admixture, the powder eliminates or reduces cracks caused by drying shrinkage and minimizes the number of joints required on large, monolithic slabs. Compatible with most portland cements, it does not affect mechanical strengths.

“With proper handling and safety precautions, Type-G can be an effective expansive mineral admixture that complements the CTS line of shrinkage compensating cement products,” says CTS Vice President of Product Development/Engineering Sales Ken Vallens.

Type-G joins CTS’ KSC Type-K technology, a hydraulic cement designed for use in shrinkage-compensating concrete and reduced shrinkage concrete; and, Komponent, an expansive cement that can be added to ordinary portland cement to make Type-K.